Door Guardian


Door Guardian

by DEC Smart Home

الحارس الذكي

:بالاضافة لكونه يحتوي على عين سحرية عادية الا ان حارسك الذكي يتمتع بالخصائص التالية
كاميرا لاسلكية تسجل على كارت ميموري كل ما يحدث أمام الباب
رؤية ليلية واضحة
حساس للحركة امام الباب
جرس ذكي 

امكانيات الحارس الذكي
يقوم بتسجيل فيديو عند حدوث حركة أما الباب و يرسله تلقائيا لتطبيق الموبايل
يقوم بارسال اشعار ان هناك من يدق جرس الباب 
يقوم بطلب فتح مكالمة فيديو مع الزائرين
تستطيع استخدامه ك كاميرا عادية و تتفقد ما يحدث وقتما تشاء
لا يحتاج الى اي توصيلات 

A hybrid of door peephole and Smart Video Intercom

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Aging in Place Home Automation

by DEC Smart Home

Home automation is using technology to have housework or household activities completed automatically, with little to no intervention from the user. (Sometimes called a ‘smart home’.) It allows an individual to have remote control of the technology performing the activities. The goal of home automation is to help create a home that is easier, more enjoyable and safe to live in.

Aging in place home automation is home technology for the elderly or disabled (also known as assistive domestics) and has the same goal, but also adds making a senior’s home more safe, allowing them to stay in their home longer.

Why aging in place?

Home automation | Aging in place

Aging in place is a growing movement that focuses on keeping seniors in their homes longer as they age. One core element of aging in place is allowing a person to maintain their quality of life. By combining home automation systems with the age in place idea, seniors can enjoy a more comfortable experience in their home, as well as increase home safety or other objectives.

What situations can aging in place home automation help?

We believe that home automation is a great aging in place technology. It can help improve a persons’ quality of life, especially when combined with other types of technology. Granted, many of the current solutions for some of the examples below are not perfect (nor are they tried and true). However, the technology that supports these activities is rapidly changing. Home automation can help accomplish many tasks and will only improve in the years to come.

Health Care

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Daily medical testing
  • Remote medical consultation
  • Medical care coordination

Long distance care giving

  • Family caregiving coordination
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Fighting loneliness or depression

Home safety

  • Fall prevention
  • Security
  • Lighting

There are also side benefits for seniors who implement home automation.  Since the base of a home automation system is a network, it opens up a world of possibilities for amenities.

Entertainment : Video and audio can be present in every room in the form of stored or Internet movies, home videos, photos or music.

Connectivity : Internet enabled devices can also be put on the home network, such as email-only devices, televisions, streaming media players and others.

Internet activities : For seniors that enjoy being online, there are also a slew of Internet activities for them to enjoy from computers, laptops, tablets or phones, such as online games, social networks or other web sites.


أحتفل معنا بمرور عشر سنوات . هدايا قيمة

by DEC Smart Home

السنة دي بنحتفل ب عشر سنوات في السوق

كل شهر عندنا هدايا ل 3 فائزين

الهدايا متنوعة ما بين قسائم شراء أو احدى منتجات ال سمارت هوم

و 3 سعداء حظ هيفوزوا معانا بسيستم سمارت هوم


لايك للصفحة و شير  مفتوح على صفحتك الشخصية


عمل دعوة للأصدقاء ل لايك الصفحة

تفعيل اشتراكك في قناتنا على ال يوتيوب  من اللينك



استكمال تسجيل بياناتك على البوست المثبت على صفحتنا من اللينك

بوست التسجيل

ارسل طلب انضمام لجروب العروض الترويجية لمتابعة استلام الهدايا من اللينك


حظ موفق للجميع


The four benefits of adopting smart locks

by DEC Smart Home

Today it is essential to adopt the right technology that grant safety, convenience, connectivity, and peace of mind to homeowners. It is no surprise that lock-and-key systems, improve rapidly time to time. This innovation affects and gives rise to the adoption of new methods of locksmithing as well. So, locksmiths become more experienced and they follow the ever evolving innovative process.

One of the most obvious improvement smart technology delivers to door locks are keyless system that strongly simplify the entry procedures. Here is presented four main benefits you get while adopting smart locks.

  1. Smart locks increase accessibility

House keys stand among the most commonly misplaced items. So it is more convenient, that you don’t have to keep track of yet another key or worry about how to pass off the key to someone else. It ensures the convenient authentication and unlocks, so you don’t have to worry about lost ore forgotten keys.

  1. Smart locks simplify control on protection

Those user-friendly innovations, as the new life-changing smart locks and keys, allow us to catch up with technology and ease our daily life. For instance, to place at the forefront of smart options, smart keyless locks are programmed to allow certain people have the access to the entity.

  1. Smart locks are handled via smartphones

Virtual keys give you a valuable security option to lock and unlock your doors easily, furthermore you can load various options such as turning on lights when door opens and etc. that key can be interacted via a free app on your Android or Apple device. A single smartphone application is able to control your locks and other smart home devices simultaneously.

  1. Smart locks boost connectivity

Integration of your smart locks into your security system can increase connectivity among all of your devices. They allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely. A fully integrated home automation system notifies you of doubtful events and enables you to continually monitor your home. Smart locks offer advantages to homeowners who are searching for to better guard and easily handle their homeplace.